The Education System At The West Orange Essay example

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I entered into the education system at the age of 4 at the West Orange Community House in West Orange, New Jersey. It was an intensified non-profit preschool program. Before going to preschool, I was filled with many different emotions such as excitement, but nervousness as well. Staying away from home for a long amount of time during the day was something I had never done before, so it was very scary, but I was ready. I remember my dad would drop me off every day and I would be sent to the cafeteria to eat breakfast. Every morning in that cafeteria, I would cry or at least be on the verge of tears. I guess I never told my parents because I bring it up to them now and they act surprised. They said I loved school and never gave them as much hassle as my younger sister who would somehow trick my dad into bringing her back home instead of leaving her at school frequently. The hardest part of school was definitely being left because I remember the rest of my days after breakfast would be wonderful. My teacher was great and I felt as if I learnt a lot from the program. That still did not stop me from having nightmares about my preschool experience where I still vividly remember my dreams about being lost in my preschool building. Now, that I am older I think I can connect it to me feeling lost without my family in my first educational experience. After, I attended kindergarten and first grade at George Washington Carver Elementary School in Newark, NJ. It was in very close…

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