Essay about The Education System And The Old System

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The education system in use today is both outdated and inefficient. Both Percy and Freire believe that the old system needs to be replace. Percy believes in the Sovereign knower concept. In this concept the students would experience things first hand and learn as they experienced these events. He doesn’t believe that a deposit of information would create a basis for knowledge for the students. Through the deposition of knowledge a bias can be created and the information be transmitted isn’t in its purest for and possesses less value. Freire, on the other hand encourages the use of the problem-posing education. In this scenario the students and the teacher both are learning as the material is taught. He believes in a more social and sharing environment where knowledge is shared amongst the group. These two writers both poses realistic concepts that would replace the current education system and improve the educational experience for the students. Each concept has its advantages but due to their differences one may argue one is better than the other however, a combination of the two concepts could create an ideal concept for a solution to the current education system. Percy’s sovereign knower concept revolves around the idea of experience. He believes one would retain and gain more knowledge through experiences relating on the topic of interest. Percy created the analogy of his concept using a biology student and an English student. He said that a biology student would…

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