Essay on The Education System And Its Impact On Education

1104 Words May 7th, 2016 null Page
In the current education system only 40% of high schoolers actually feel engaged in school(Institute of Play). This leads to cases of apathy within students as they progress throughout their day at school, and possibly into their jobs as seen in another statistic that only 30% of adults feel engaged in their workplace; however, organizations such as the Institute of Play and Quest to Learn are hard at work to solve the problem of the “crisis of disengagement”. Apathy in the education system causes far too many problems with students that either choose to cheat or just give up, and has been going on since the early days of education with young minds being unable or unwilling to handle the format of the education system. However, with a shift to games as teaching tools we could cure this apathy with interest. In order to cause this paradigm shift in education, teachers can incorporate game mechanics into the classroom or use games with educational significance in order to grab the students attention in order to teach them. The incorporation of game mechanics into schools has had a major effect on the students going so far as to almost double immersion and participation in the classes that used these mechanics such as Lee Sheldon’s Multiplayer classroom. The Multiplayer classroom is a system developed by Lee Sheldon in order to incorporate games mechanics into the classroom as a tool to further interest his students.An example of Lee Sheldon’s version of the multiplayer…

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