Essay on The Education Reform Movement Of The 1820s

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Before the education reform movement of the 1830s, it was not common or thought necessary for all children to go to school, especially those of poor working families. Horace Mann, a Massachusetts state legislature and reformer, paved the way for the U.S.’s first statewide public school system (The Education Reform Movement). He dedicated his life to establishing mandatory and free schooling for American children. By 1837, he became the first secretary of Massachusetts’ newly organized board of education. He envisioned free public schools which provided trained teachers, quality education, bells and blackboards to be used, the division of children by ability and age, mid-morning recess for the younger children, and all of this to be funded by tax dollars. What made him have this entire vision thought out was his six year inspection of hundreds of schools throughout Massachusetts. The schools were not in good condition, there was not enough lighting and heating, there were problems with the structures, and very few textbooks as well as other supplies were provided (The Education Reform Movement). He proposed the establishment of better public schools but many opposed his idea because they did not want to pay higher taxes or have the government involved in these local issues. Factory owners also did not agree with his idea because it would cause them to lose their child workers, the ones they could to pay the least (The Education Reform Movement). But, Mann eventually convinced…

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