Essay The Education Program At Baldwin Wallace University

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I was walking down the hallway of my old high school when I first started thinking about what career I could possibly want to have. I walked and thought about the life of a teacher and how there must be endless papers to grade and lesson plans to make. Something about the constant work drew me in and I knew that teaching would be on my mind, for the remaining couple years of high school and possibly the rest of my life. The education program at Baldwin Wallace University provides its students with a sound educational background as well as the resources and training necessary to obtain each student’s career goals. A degree in history education from a liberal arts college like Baldwin Wallace University allows for great success in job acquisition and other networking resources to provide for a healthy and secure lifestyle. The definition of a stable and active life is dictated by each individual and it can vary greatly depending on that person. For me, a satisfying style of living would be to get married and raise a family. This means being able to afford a house and car while paying off student loans, as well as still being able to raise a family while all other expenses are being paid. A teacher’s salary does not seem to be quite enough to make all the schooling and loans worth the struggle. Furthermore, as a history educator, job acquisition may be a challenging because of the limited market of available jobs. Nonetheless, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the,…

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