The Education Policy Of Tanzania Essays

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This education policy worries go on as Tanzania becomes among the leading African nations with many of her children dropping out of primary school each year. The UNESCO, policy brief indicated approximately, 1.4 million children 2013 were out of school in Tanzania, leading to the conclusion that they “were denied the right to education” (UNESCO, 2015, pp.3-4). Perhaps refer to Bhoke-Africanus, (2016) a dissertation in publication process Table 1: 2: 1 Reasons for Primary school pupils drop out from school (p. 31). In my view the chart provides appealing evidence, why education policy makers should consider education policy beyond the education settings to the environment in which children live, and the social problems they encounter in daily basis in order to support their wellbeing and education. One of the major problem among others keeping children out of schools were; truancy, illness, and death of students before completing primary school. In relation to concern in education policy in Tanzania, Fatima Abdu for example quoted Professor Ibrahim Lipumba 's fear about the increasing poverty in Tanzania, arguing:
Education in our country has become a source of poverty. We have come to a point where we need to think about alternative ways to eradicate poverty in our country. […]. Poor education system in Tanzania is the major cause of youth unemployment and poverty in the country (Abdu, 2013). Adding to Professor Lipumba’s apprehension, it may be a clarion call for the…

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