The Education Of Women During The Colonial Period Essay

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The education of women has continued to be an important part of society. Women are not only working in different sittings that required education, also they are involved with the development within the communities. The need to educate women for the management of the household was a recurring theme in a “male” egalitarian republic (Stubblefield & Keane, 1994). Additionally, it assumed a continues subordination of women, and it recognized the educative role of the mother and of those virtues deemed essential in a “true woman” (Stubblefield & Keane, 1994).

Women were expected to be educated in many aspects of life. Some even were domestic, as they were housewives and taught their children. The value a housewives were key during the colonial period because their administrative roles in the household. The struggle for many housewives was to find their space in and outside of the households. Social class, race, religion, and geographic region influenced the increase in faculties for women’s education, and for most women the opportunities remained circumscribed (Stubblefield & Keane, 1994). The academic encouragement of women continued with the increase as seminars and academics for young women were created for begin formal education opportunities. However, this education was only available to white women. This access was not available to minority women.

The definition of women’s role as mothers and homemakers circumscribed their opportunity for education and the…

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