The Education Of The United States Essay

1843 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 null Page
It is quite obvious that the quality of an American education has fallen. As of 2014, American students were ranked barely above average in the world on the Program for International Student Assessment, or PISA exam, and have been jumped by several countries in the past decade with far fewer economic resources. (Resmovits, 2014) The major educational issues within the United States have been scrutinized by academic scholars such as Jonathon Kozol, John Hattie and the authors of Too Many Children Left Behind, who collectively agree that the current educational system is defunct and in need of serious change. The coming educational reforms in the country must be expansive and all encompassing, which could take some time; but one very attainable portion of a suitable educational reform is the institution of universal, publically funded preschool for all American students. Kozol visited thousands of schools throughout the country and saw the lack of preschool programs in urban public school districts as appalling. Hattie finds clear empirical evidence supporting pre kindergarten schooling for students and Bradbury and his fellow authors show further evidence as to why this reform would make such a difference in the American educational system. In addition, the platform has already been politically supported by President Obama and even some GOP candidates, and is financially feasible through simple tax fund reallocation. There is strong support for universal preschool from both…

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