The Education Of The School System Essay

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Education Processes
The school system has changed yet stayed the same in the last hundred-fifty year however still has the same promblems. America’s school system has always wanted to have student who have higher grades however when people try to teach children it is next to impossible. Students are facing discrimination, just as Dick Gregory’s article “Shame,” addressed in the 1950’s. A large amount of Americans are still set up for failure just as the essay “Learning to Read and Write,” by Fredrick Douglass, he talks about how because how he was born he was not allowed to learn literature. The school system has improved much in the last hundred-fifty years however it still has much to grow.
Every parent wants their kids to have good grades and a good education, however a school can only do so much to in order for a child to be motivated to study. Most children will rather play, day dream, hang out, or goof off while in class just as Gregory did “ the main reason he went to class was to see Helene Tucker his crush. The school system has a hard time motivating kids to study, many of them don’t see their future selves past their next birthday and do not see the reason why they are learning what the teachers are lecturing about. In today’s time the problem is more of the same. The school system figured out how to entertain small kids while they study such as; tablets educational games, educational television, and new techniques in lecturing. However, most students will lose…

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