The Education Of The D / Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Essay

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Advanced and Controversial Issues in the Field of the Education of the d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
The purpose of this paper is to present an overview of advanced and controversial issues concerning the educational aspects of d/Deaf and hard of hearing (d/Dhh) students in the United States of America and Turkey. It provides details across a range of topics: (a) the demographic data on d/Dhh population, (b) perspectives on deafness, (c) communication approaches, and (d) educational placements. First, demographic information about unique d/Dhh population is discussed. Then two major perspectives on deafness (e.g., clinical and cultural) are examined. Next, three communication approaches such as oral/aural (speak only), total communication (speak and sign at the same time), and sign only are explained. The final section of this paper discusses the placement options for d/Dhh students.
Demographics of d/Dhh Population Hearing impairment is a generic term for all the range of hearing loss, and hearing impairment is considered a low incidence disability because it does not occur in many children (Smith et al., 2015). There are approximately 70,000 elementary and secondary school age d/Dhh students in the US (Cawthon, 2009). d/Dhh students are a very heterogeneous group of students even more diverse than hearing students. The use of the phrase d/Dhh refers to all students with a wide range of hearing loss and includes both audiological and sociocultural parameters of…

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