The Education Of Public Education Essay

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In 1918, nationwide mandatory education was put in place with the claim that educated children would become more productive and obedient workers. Industrialists were against the idea of taking children away from their factories as children worked for low-wages. The creators sold public education to industrialists because, allegedly, educated children will work additional years compared to children who are not educated. The current education methods are based on the same terms as the ones used in the beginning of public education. Putting children in straight rows, having those children memorize facts, and living by instructions given from teachers were all used at the origin of public education. The public education methods in the United States do not prepare students for a career. Public education is an assembly line that does not serve as much use as it did in the past. There is not a need to have obedient students today, unlike when “our grandfathers and great-grandfathers built school” (9) as Seth Godin, an innovative writer and speaker, claims. Public schools were made to create "workers who are trained to do 1925-style labor” (Godin 7). It is not the industrial revolution anymore; companies and businesses are not looking for compliant workers. The factory jobs that were a necessity in the industrial revolution do not exist anymore because the same work can be done in other countries or by machines, each being less expensive compared to laborers. It is useless for the…

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