The Education Of Florida 's Students Essay

1000 Words Dec 5th, 2014 4 Pages
Would taking away the mandatory FCAT impact the education of Florida’s students in a positive way? The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test has been a staple in our state for 16 years, and started out as a learning measurement and accountability tool for all schools statewide. Looking back it is evident that it has now changed dramatically and is hindering our students. The standardized test, which takes around two weeks, is administered to public school students third through eleventh grade in the spring of each year. It gives each student a score based on how well you test on topics like reading, writing, mathematics, and science. Third graders have to pass the FCAT to be promoted, while high school students must pass the reading and math FCAT to graduate (Solomon). The cookie-cutter test is used to assess progress in each student as well as the school as a whole and plays a huge part in the schools state grade and how much funding they get in the following year. The test has an enormous influence on our states schools and puts pressure on not only students, but their teachers. The enormous burdon this test has influences what subjects teachers go over and their lesson plans. Its not uncommon to see some schools strictly teaching the test so they can guarantee school funding in the following years. The simple standardized test now weights so heavily in schools currently that teachers are teaching it throughout the year and cutting into there class time. FCAT…

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