Essay about The Education Of Educational Freedom

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Educational Freedom
Students across the nation walk into a variety of classrooms every day with the hope to learn something new and exciting that benefits them in their daily goal of developing into contributing citizens. The environment in which these students find themselves should be warm and welcoming in order to be conducive to the learning process. Context, culture, and background knowledge, which are individually different across all students, work to develop this ever fluctuating atmosphere these students interact in. Students, even though they are born into very different circumstances with exceptionally diverse experiences, require an education that prepares them for the world that rests beyond school. It is up to the schools to do everything in their power to engage students further in the learning process by fostering a sense of need and desire in the students to do well. These are some standard objectives schools attempt to achieve in their everyday functioning; however, from the minds of great educational theorists Ivan Illich, George Counts and Bell Hooke, they each believe that these are not the only objectives schools should be striving to achieve. Additionally, these intriguing thinkers have their own judgements and beliefs about how schools are functioning on a deeper level and how this affects our children.
Ivan Illich, who became well-known in 1970, when he wrote Deschooling Society, argues schools make students powerless and prevent them from learning…

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