The Education Of African American History Essay

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Black Studies in history have been undeniably a product of activism in education throughout the 1960 to the late 1980s. Those decades contributed to an important time in American history that has impacted the modern education of African-Americans today. During this period of time, there were studies showing various social movements that challenged the western society ideology and opened the doors for the movements to break down generations of inaccurate history that has supported the racist system today. It is a history that has negatively impacted the community and placed self-doubt within the culture of students.

My thesis studies four distinct African-American scholars who main focuses were on historical literature and history of the educated “Negro”. History that was not documented because of the significant importance and influence it would have had on the community of blacks. It is an examination of the relationship between Schomburg and Bethune’s ideology that we must arm ourselves with a history that is well documented to be dysfunction, with history that values and the means to educate those we do not believe in black minds. To the impact, it later had on writers such as Meyers and Azibo, whose ideologies focus on remerging the philosophy of self –determination of the Black Studies Movement and the revitalization of the self- discipline in order to expanded the scope of our knowledge. In addition, as a philosophy to position ourselves to understand and comprehend…

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