The Education Field Is A Means For Concern But None More Well Accessible

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Performance gap in any field is a means for concern but none more so than the performance gap that is in the education field. This gap can affect future aspects in all areas of life. There is one means of bridging that gap and it’s by addressing the neuroscience of learning. For many years, curricula have been design for learners who are “book smart,” unfortunately learners who have print disabilities struggled. Simplifying the curriculum, which sometimes dilutes helpful context, does not overcome learning barriers and does not make the educational instruction more accessible. What does make educational instruction more accessible is creating, from the onset, multiple means of learning that can be imbedded in the curricula. UDL policies are just what the “not so” average, average kid needs to address the different way information is process.
Every state in the country is addressing UDL in some way; 39 states included UDL in their Race to the Top proposals, and 23 states made UDL the FOCUS of Race to the Top. UDL is specifically identified in the Common Core State Standards Reauthorization and the blueprint for ESEA National Technology Plan Higher Education Opportunity Act. In short, schools are a standard-based setting and all students need to have genuine opportunities to learn.
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