The Education And Economic Development Act Essay

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The Education and Economic Development Act (EEDA), “Personal Pathways to Success” is a program that is intended to better prepare South Carolina students for the workforce and post-high-school schooling through early career planning and a customized curriculum. The main purpose of these guidelines is to improved education for South Carolina students using reliable educational tools needed for postsecondary study and future careers. On the 19th of May in 2005 that EEDA was an act that was passed by the General Assembly and on the 27th of May in 2005 action was taken in effect to the governor of South Carolina.
“Personal Pathways to Success” is a program that has taken initiative to strengthen and energize youth. This program was created to encourage youth to make education relevant to their talents and ambitions. In the end promising a healthier economy and quality of life for everyone in the state of South Carolina. The central concept behind “Personal Pathways to Success” is that the program is providing students with a healthy idea of education “every step of the way.” The staircase of success begins with kindergarten through fifth grade, in the first stage the program presents an introduction to the world of careers. Sixth through eighth grade is the step where students begin to discover interest areas. Eighth grade is an important transition for students from middle school to high school. The transitional year is where students will choose a cluster study and major that…

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