The Edge Of The World By Gail Vida Hamburg Essay

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During the 1950’s, many countries had begun to incorporate Communist ruling and ideals in their government. In the novel “The Edge of the World”, by Gail Vida Hamburg, the island of Chomumbhar is unknown and cut off from the rest of the world until President John F. Kennedy and the First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy arrive on a visit (1962). However, Chomumbhar, a small republic on the Indian Ocean, revealed Communism practices and ideals throughout its island but wanted a relationship with America. The US makes an immense effort to eliminate communism in fictional Chomumbhar and in the Cold War. The book connects with Cold War events through the topics of immigration, foreign policy, and getting US support. One of the topics mentioned throughout the book, is LiLi fleeing China. LiLi made a plan to flee China, because of the arising harsh communism and the war arising in China during this time period. Communism was a way of making “everyone equal,” yet many citizens were bothered by the idea of it, and felt like they were being oppressed and were slowly, but surely losing their rights. “She had started out like all the other ducks-Chinese illegals who had paid the Snakeheads to navigate them across the Pacific Ocean.” (33) Lili came to Chomumbar for opportunities. Before she came to Chomumbar she was being robbed of her rights like all other citizens in China. But, after she fled to Chomumbar, she became independent and a businesswoman. When Mao came into power the…

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