The Ecosystem Of The Amazon Basin Essay

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Of all the amazing ecosystems in the world among the most impressive are the world’s rainforests. The largest of these rainforests is the Amazon Basin, located in South America. The Amazon is home to an impressive amount of diversity and it’s location in the perfect place on the planet to ensure a wide variety of life. The Amazon basin is one of the most impressive and superb examples of an Ecosystem.
An Ecosystem is a complex community of organisms and environment functioning as an ecological unit. The Amazon is a perfect example of this definition. Located in the tropics where the sun light is striking the earth at around a 90 degree angle, the Amazon receives massive amounts of solar energy. Thanks to this solar energy, the amount and variety of plant life is colossal. This large amount of solar energy is also a factor in keeping a warm climate year round, although able to have a cold spell at certain times of the year, the Amazon is an ideal place for plant growth. The name “rainforest” gives away one of the Amazon’s key features, extremely high precipitation. Able to get anywhere from 80 inches to an astounding 400 inches in a given year, the Amazon is constantly wet. The transpiration the canopy of plant life provides an even greater source of perception to rain back down upon the rainforest. Having different levels of canopy is an amazing component of the Amazon, with a canopy, under canopy, shrub layer, and emergent trees. With such a dense cover the forest floor is…

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