The Economy Of The 1920 ' S Essay examples

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The 1920’s are known for its prosperity and vibrant culture. While this was present in many ways it was very prevalent in the mass consumption in the time. In the 1920s there was more goods that were readily available to the public. There was a major consumption of new goods. One of the main proponents towards the purchasing of goods was advertisement. Advertisement became more appealing with pictures, sexualizing goods, etc., and they also affected people’s emotions. New advertisement made things more appealing to buy and increased the mass consumption of goods on the market. The purchasing of goods was only aided by the development of credit where people could put money down on the items they were buying. The development of credit allowed more people to buy more goods. There was also progress in the consumer market, products were at more affordable prices and things like radio, cars, vacuum cleaners, and refrigerators were becoming a part of everyone’s life. One way prices were lowered was by the assembly line. In the Ford Automobile Company, the assembly line allowed them to mass produce one type of automobile quicker and more efficiently. This caused the cars to be a more affordable price for the public. With Henry Ford’s push for workers to get the car and his payment for the worker, more people could buy cars. As the popularity in cars increased people had new freedoms along with it. Not only did the cars create businesses in motels, gas stations, roads, and…

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