The Economy And Culture Of The English Colonies Essay

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The economy and culture of the English colonies were both shaped by labor as it was a large part of their lives and something that was extremely important to the colonists. Although labor was necessary all throughout the colonies, the type of labor conducted was different depending on the regions. The different regions were the New England and the Southern colonies. Both the New England and Southern colonies relied on growing to survive, but their main exports differed with New England focused more on lumber and fishing while the Southern colonies focused on tobacco, although their main exports differed due to labor the effect of labor on their culture was the same.
In the beginning, even before there were official colonies like Virginia, colonist from both regions relied on labor systems based on different sources. In both the Jamestown colony and Plymouth colony they had to adopt a labor system that would best fit their needs and would help them survive. In the Jamestown colony the colonists adopted an “English labor” system which allowed them to grow tobacco, a crop that would soon became their means of survival (Schaller et al. Pg. 51). The English labor system meant that the colonist employed indentured servants in order to grow the crop quickly and in large quantities. The practice of exploiting the labor of indentured servants continued for quite a while in the Southern colonies. The Plymouth colony adopted a different kind of system closer to their new home. They…

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