The Economics Of Renewable Energy Essay

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Timmons, D. (2015). The Economics of Renewable Energy. Global Development And Environment Institute, 1-35.
The article explores the possible replacements of the ever diminishing supplies of fossil fuels. It views the prospects of using fossil fuels in the future as reducing every day given that they are created over geological time. It explores the probable sources of energy to replace the fossil fuels and recommends a number of alternatives that include wind power, solar, geothermal, nuclear, hydropower, and biomass. From the findings, the article strongly believes that solar power would be the best alternative for fossil fuels, but there is a need to reduce the costs of solar PV.
Sims, R. E., Rogner, H.-H., & Gregory, K. (2003). Carbon emission and mitigation cost comparisons between fossil fuel, nuclear and renewable energy resources for electricity generation. Energy Policy, 1315–1326.
This article seeks o establish the effects of alternative energy sources in a number of the available alternatives with the aim of establishing the best replacement. It uses the concept of carbon emissions to establish the effects of the alternatives. In the findings, the wind power seems as the preferred alternative to fossil fuels replacement despite its unpopularity.
EWEA. (2014). Avoiding fossil fuel costs with wind energy . Bruxelles: European Wind Energy Association.
The report establishes through its findings that fossil fuels could be replaced with wind energy through the…

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