The Economic Reasons For Slavery Essay

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Among the economic reasons for slavery in America, there was also a very undemocratic aristocrat class that was composed of the wealthiest that controlled the politics and legislature of the South. The biggest controversial act was the 1850 Fugitive Slave Act which required slaves to be required to their owners. There was a previous Fugitive Slave Act, but it only dealt with slaves who had escaped or left to a free state without their master’s consent. Early codes such as the Barbados Code, denied basic rights to slaves and empowered the masters. Outlined are a series of laws that protect the master from any liability, even if he murdered his slave;“it is further enacted and ordained that if any Negro or other slave under punishment by his master unfortunately shall suffer in life or member, which seldom happens, no person whatsoever shall be liable to any fine therefore” (Pageant 38). When emancipation proposals for the senate were turned down and caused slave state codes to become more harsh, it spread tiny sparks of revolution. One spark that ignited was Turner’s Rebellion which “sent a wave of hysteria sweeping over the snowy cotton fields, and planters in growing numbers, recollecting the massive slave revolt that had erupted in Haiti in the 1790s, slept with pistols by their pillows” (Pageant 391). Northern Politicians such as Stephen A. Douglas did continue to support the interests of Southern slaveholders because he was looking to expand westward and believed that the…

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