The Economic Issues Of America Society Essay

808 Words Apr 15th, 2016 4 Pages
Social problems that I would like to talk own is the economic issues in America society. I fell if I create a program that would help those that are in the lower class in America they would beneficent from it the most. The lower class would beneficent from this program because it will provide resources. Which will lead, or improve the social change from the lower class families in Americans society. The program will be called “ All Hands In”. This program will help lower income families with finding resources; therefore, you will have to below the poverty line to qualify to be in the program. The program “ All hand in” is a program that will help young adults, as well as children discover that there is more out their than a minimum wage job. The program will help individuals open their minds to something they are not use to. For example the business will be ran by people who have experienced living in poverty. They will then provide the resources to the young adults, and children though the journey they will be taking. Some of the resources that will be provided are how to use a computer for a job application, as well as apply for college. Subsequently, “all hands in are promoting social change to the younger individuals by proving that resources that they where not able to have in there comminutes. The two strategies I would be using to approach the economic issue is the antidiscrimination law. This law would not allow employers to decimate individuals because of…

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