The Economic Inequality Of The Middle Class Essay

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Right now, the middle class is disappearing with there is less people doing well, and more people doing significantly better. America is a republic, a government that is of the people, for the people, and by the people where, we, as citizens of the United States you have the opportunity to prosper regardless of your ancestry or your culture. Government sets the rules by which the market functions. The question is; whom do these rules benefit? Due to income inequality the rich have increased influence on the politicians, making a more the representation of American people as a whole marginally more inaccurate. Many people are not getting college education everywhere in America when, given the chance, college education would raise the chances of being able to pursue their goals. Generation after generation are continuing to live in the projects or other areas rife with poverty. The economic inequality in this country is so skewed that the top point one percent, one tenth of one percent, of this country have almost as much wealth as the bottom ninety. The United State income inequality is the highest it has been since 1928, right before the great depression, giving evidence that income inequality leads to crashes in the economy. Income inequality plays detrimental factor in education, drug use, politics, and racism affecting the masses across America.
The nation needs to address the harsh reality that many college students cannot afford college tuition, possibly sending them…

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