The Economic Inequality And America 's Poor Attitude Essay

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Pride and Prejudice:
Current Economic Inequality and America’s Poor Attitude

Once America was touted land of opportunity, a place where hard work, dedication and smarts could launch you from rags to riches. If one worked hard enough, they could have a plentiful life of wealth and happiness. Unless you are born affluent, we cannot argue this as easily conceivable possibility any longer. CEO’s have record high salaries and profit margins. Unemployment is down. This is only part of the story. Unemployment is down, but so are salaries for those not at the very top. Despite record profits, benefits for low-end works continue to decline. The highest wrung continues to CBS, NPR, Huffington post is just a few of those talking about our dwindling middle class. One startling article talks about an “hour glass economy” where there is no middle class just the poor and the rich. Companies such as Heinz and proctor and gamble already have focused their marketing campaigns at the very rich or the very poor and not any in the middle of the road. The documentary ‘poor kids’ shows us a world right here in the heart of America where small children have to scrounge for cans making money for their families. A world where the poor cannot entirely be blamed for their circumstances.
Given these points Karl Marx theory of the “haves” vs the “have nots” could not be more apparent in America. The middle class has shrunk so much as to be almost non-existent. Arriving with the slow elimination of the…

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