The Economic Impacts Of The Food And Beverage Industry

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The sector that I have chosen from the tourism industry is the food and beverage sector. The role of the food and beverage sector is to produce, manage, regulate and distribute foods and drinks. This is an important sector in the tourism industry because other tourism sectors rely on this sector to provide foods and beverages. Sectors such as the accommodation sector will act as a wholesaler in order to buy a bulk of foods and beverages. Without the food and beverage sector, the accommodation sector may run out of business since they cannot just rely on accommodation service and without foods and beverages. Moreover, the food and beverage sector consists of two major segments. Those two segments are production and distribution of goods. Production …show more content…
These include environmental, social and economic impacts. The environmental factors can be distinguished between internal and external factors. For external, the impact that influences the most is climate change. As the seasons change, so do the temperature, weather and the length of day. In order for some certain foods to grow, it requires a specific temperature or weather to do so. Ranger notes that an increase in carbon dioxide concentrations could increase the production of some crops. On the other hand, she mentions that “the changing climate would affect the length and quality of the growing season and farmers could experience increasing damage to their crop, caused by a rising intensity of droughts, flooding or fires.” (Ranger, 2012). Natural disasters such as earthquake do occur in developed as well. Therefore this can lead to the loss of agriculture business. Countries such as Japan where it always has earthquake which can destroy or damage harvests, crops and supplies. Furthermore, the supply of fisheries market specifically can also cause by climate change. Ranger explained that the warming surface waters in the oceans, rivers and lakes, as well as sea level rise and melting ice, will adversely affect many fish species. Global warming will be the main cause in this situation. This is when the sea level in Arctic starts to rise and starts to affect the agriculture business. For internal factors, food packaging can cause environmental problems as well, specifically the materials used in food packaging. There a lot of materials that is being used in food packaging, such as glass, plastics and papers. However, not every material can store foods for a long period of time. For instance, papers and paperboards. According to Kenneth Marsh and Betty Bugusu, “Plain paper is not used to protect foods for long periods of time because it has poor barrier properties and is

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