The Economic Impacts Of Immigration Essay

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Immigration has always been a part of American culture; in fact, it is the basis of how our country was formed. Immigration, both legal and illegal, has become a key focal point in today’s society. The arguments surrounding immigration and the legal -or illegal- standing of the immigrants, are various and vast in their quantities. Many concerns with immigration involve the social implications, economic impacts, and the possible discrepancies with national unity. In particular, the economic impact that immigrants have in our economy is one of the most widely debated subjects across news outlets and social media sources. Americans must realize that immigration itself is not an issue- the issue lays in the illogical fear of our country accommodating immigrants into our education and economic systems, thus interfering with the livelihoods of natural-born citizens. Although the economic impacts of immigrants are extensively debated, many sources prove that the net effect of immigrant work is positive for the economy, and helps pave the way for natural-born citizens to increase their station in the workforce. The economic benefits of immigration include, but are not limited to: new innovations, contribution to taxes, increased mobility of the workforce, and lowered costs of domestic help and consumer products generally for middleclass families.
In a developed country such as the United States, medical doctors, engineers, and other highly educated personnel, are in great demand…

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