The Economic Failure Of The Treaty Of Versailles

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The Treaty of Versailles was a peace agreement made by the Allied forces with Germany at the end of WWI. The treaty was made in effort to help rebuild Europe and create peace after a four-year period of devastation that killed millions of soldiers and civilians. Politicians from 32 different countries were thrashed with the difficulty of creating a peace agreement. Politicians from Britain and America had different intentions from that of France on what the Treaty was supposed to accomplish. Britain and America supported a more lenient treaty against Germany that would inhibit a new war from starting, while the French wanted to dismember Germany to make it impossible for Germany to restart a war with France. Unfortunately, the Treaty …show more content…
To answer this question, it can help to investigate the economic and territorial provisions put against Germany. Claude A. Campbell states, “Depriving Germany of her resources in excess of the amount necessary to fulfill the economic demands of the victors, as was done in the disposition of the Saar and in the Polish settlement, was indefensible. The questions of punitive measures and retributive justice in these situations had no economic justification.” (163) The Allied Powers had restricted so many of the resources by taking the lands of the Polish settlement from Germany, thus taking away their ability to succeed as they did before the war. Export trade restrictions were placed upon Germany as well, making it unrealistic for Germany to be able to pay for both their export trade and other post-war financial obligations all while trying to rebuild their own economy. (Taussig, 33-57) Evidently, the treaty’s provisions were aimed at cutting down Germany’s resources along with making them pay more for their exports. The combination of Germany’s lost resources, expectancy to import more than they export, and additional export taxes illustrates that the initial provisions were not made with the intention to help restore Germany, and that is where the the provisions

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