High School Dropout In The United States

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Dropping out of high school brings nothing good a country, its government and the people living in it. The economy will fall; unemployment rates will increase and tax payers will have to pay more to make up for what you cannot provide, also to help you live off of government services. During 2008, 1.2 million people dropped out of high school. That is one student every 26 seconds. At this point we had more people dropping out than anywhere else in the world. When Obama became president he implemented the federal graduation rate regulation. Because of this the dropout rate decreased by 27% by the end of 2012. Not only did the regulations help decrease the amount of dropouts but it also increased the graduation rate. Because of this the U.S. has seen many improvements such as a lower unemployment rate. …show more content…
Dropouts are predicted to earn $200,000 less than someone with their high school diploma and almost 1 million less than a college graduate. This costs the U.S. an estimated $200 billion dollars in the lifetime of every high school dropout. The amount of tax revenue lost from just males that dropped out is $944 billion, I do not need to tell you that is a huge number. This forces the government to increase taxes which hurts families all over the world. About half of the Americans who are in need of government services to live do not have a high school diploma. Dropouts are hurting the economy and the population as a

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