The Economic Development Of Brazil 's Development Essay

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Despite the fact that Brazil’s GDP is one of the highest globally, Brazil still faces developmental issues. One must take into consideration a country’s historical development, especially experiences with colonialism that impact other aspects of development. Although there may be economic development in a country, it does not equal development. In this paper, aspects of Brazil’s development will be seen which will help understand the nature of how the economy was shaped for the 21st Century. Colonialism, as well as path dependency, and Brazil’s history will be taken into consideration throughout this paper.
As an illustration, it all started with Columbus’s discovery. Once countries were discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, both powerful countries at the time: Portugal and Spain divided the borderlines for the territories amongst themselves. In 1494, both the parties “closed the Tordesillas Treaty, a document that established an imaginary line that would separate the lands of the New World .” The Tordesillas had to be passed because once word got out of Columbus’s findings, Portugal and Spain went into disputes with one another of who would get what . The divide of these areas gave claim of Brazil to the Portuguese. At first, the Portuguese did not have much luck colonizing Brazil because not many people wanted to leave Europe, it wasn’t until the Portuguese supremacy of the east side of America was threatened that the government began sending people over to live .…

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