Essay about The Economic Crisis Of Germany

1979 Words Nov 24th, 2014 8 Pages
During the course of this essay I will consider the extent to which the economic crisis in Germany was a cause of Hitler being able to ascend to the position of Chancellor in 1933. The Depression in Germany led to people becoming desperate for a change of political system and ultimately resorting to radical parties (such as the newly formed Nazi party) to achieve this change. It will argue the validity of this title and present both sides of the question and mention some of the other factors that served the same purpose as the economic crisis in being a contributing factor in the rise of Hitler, such as the influence of von Papen upon Hindenburg, the Nazi propaganda, the ‘Red Scare’ and its associated flood of votes towards the Nazi party (as opposed to the communists), the sheer popularity of not only Hitler with the people, but also the ideologies of the Nazi party and finally, the popularity of his racist views. Another technique by which he would increase compliance and support was through intimidation via his private army (the Sturmabteilung or SA) or the Gestapo. The role of von Papen and Hindenburg in Hitler becoming chancellor was a major one, without them he would never have been appointed. They chose him as they saw that he had great popularity, and they realized that the Nazis in the Reichstag would be pleased if Hitler became Chancellor and would resume voting for new legislation again. If they did this then they would be able to come to conclusions on matters;…

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