Essay about The Economic Crisis Of Australia

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However, Australia is also among the countries that faced financial problems but it has done its best to combat the problem. Their president delivered a budget in order to fight inflation. He guaranteed bank deposits with 10.4 billion dollars. It enabled pay for care, families and seniors. He also gave help to automotive industry since lenders at that time had withdrawn from the market. Their withdrawal left banks empty. In 2009 they announced another stimuli package of 47 billion dollars to help boost the economy of Australia (Lane & Ontara 2014). These helped built schools, repair roads, boost small business, construction of new homes and to pay taxpayers. Australia among other countries has made a great improvement to its economy and financial state is not at risk. Nevertheless, among the countries that faced global crisis Poland turns out to be a little bit of resistance for a long time. It was not affected by the first crisis. It has made efforts to heighten its credit policies and the banks being re-assessed. Poland is the only country that has raised its economic growth in the first half 2009(Jungmann & Segemann, 2011) due to its minor share in machinery and equipment in exports. The global crisis had little impact on its economic situation. Their economic growths in 2007 only fell for a little rate. It has increased financial due to construction and assembly production. Employment and wages is not an issue since it is of a high rate compared to other countries.…

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