The Economic Creed Of The Trilateral Commission Essay

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Franz Josef Hinkelammert is a German-born economist and theologian, an essential figure in the movement of Liberation Theology. He is furthermost renowned for his theological critiques of capitalism. Hinkelammert’s The Economic Creed of The Trilateral Commission presents a historical depiction and systematic analysis of a global economic crisis called “interdependence,” an endeavor to reformulate power relations within the world capitalist systems where the world powers: the United States, France, England, Germany, and Japan are trying to gain sovereignty over second and third world countries. He proves that the suffering and poverty of people, within less powerful Nation States will be extended by the emergence of The Trilateral Commission, as the autonomy of the States is taken away. The convergence of the Commission increases attitudes of avarice, the monopoly of the strong leaves devastating social, economic, and ecological consequences as globalized capitalism becomes the contemporary power proprietor. Theologians, like Franz Josef Hinkelammert, Jose Miranda, and economic sociologist, Karl Marx contend with global capital economists and sociologists like Max Weber, by challenging modern capitalistic economic systems based on the pursuit of revenue and ownership of private property, demonstrating that contrary to ideology, these systems subjugate the proletariat class.
Max Weber considered sociology to be an all-inclusive science of social actions. In an effort to…

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