The Economic Changes During The Civil War Era Essay

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Richmond, California was once known as a place of crime and full of problems, but now, after decades of change, Richmond’s law enforcement agency and the community have worked together to create a better and safe place. Looking at the history of Richmond, we can see the dramatic socio-economic changes, especially after the war era, which has impacted the community severely. The impact on the community resulted in a steady rate of crime, up until Chris Magnus had come to Richmond to become the Chief of Police. Chief Chris Magnus is accredited for being the one who aligned the policing tactics to work with the community, for he aligned the police’s sense of justice with the communities’ sense of justice. According to City of Richmond, Richmond’s industrial growth can be traced back all the way to the early 1900s, but one of the main issues that has blighted Richmond over the last century, is that the industrial complex had stopped growing after the war. The industrial complex in Richmond still has some remnants of industries that have helped Richmond grow, such as the oil industry, the shipyard, and the transportation hub. The years leading up to the war was very prosperous to Richmond, for many industries and companies had come to set up shop and transformed the downtown area to an elegant business district. Before World War 2, there was approximately 22,000 people living in the city, but at the start of the war and because of national war efforts, many people from all over…

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