The Ecological Footprint Is Becoming A Popular Topic Among Advocates Of Sustainability

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The idea of an ecological footprint is becoming a popular topic among advocates of sustainability. An individual’s ecological footprint is the coined phrase that relates their use of the Earth’s natural resources to the amount of land needed to support their current lifestyle. When calculating ecological footprint, there are several different factors that are taken into account. These factors can range from the amount of locally grown foods consumed to the average number of miles driven on a daily basis.
Personally, I thought my ecological footprint would be significantly lower than the average American’s (5 earths). The main reasoning behind this involves my diet and my transportation habits. I do not eat any meat besides chicken on a rare occasion. Also, I have Celiac disease, so the majority of the foods I eat are organic or locally grown, which ultimately takes away the harm of processing foods. As for transportation, I did not regularly drive a car when I was back at home, and do not have a car here in Iowa. With that being said, I was very surprised by the results of my ecological footprint calculation. The results of the test showed that it would take 4.7 Earth’s if every person lived the same lifestyle as I did. While this was below the average, a round-up would bring the number right up to 5 earths. The 5 factors that played into my ecological footprint were: food, shelter, mobility, goods, and services. Mobility, food, and shelter were the smallest percentages of…

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