The Ecological Footprint ( Ef ) Essay

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With so many environmental issues arising simultaneously, people are left wondering, “Is it too late?” Social media is the largest base of knowledge we are exposed to—and from sites like IFL Science to NBC News everyone is saying that an environmental meltdown is inevitable and that the effects are irreversible. However, there are multitudes of actions that can be done to help save ourselves and the environment; but these actions have to happen very soon.
There is an on-going study called the Ecological Footprint (EF), and it can assess the quantity of land and water that a single human or human population needs to support its current lifestyle; in terms of the resources it uses and the waste it produces. The EF gets an accurate reading of the amount of biologically productive land and water area n individual/populations uses to produce the resources consumed and waste absorbed from management practices. In its assessments, it accounts for the amount of global acres needed to sustain one’s lifestyle and the amount of planets needed if everyone followed in that same lifestyle. It also considers the total tons of carbon dioxide needed to sustain said lifestyle (Ecological Footprint, n.d).
Habits have enough influence to impact a person’s entire EF print score alone. I have a habit of forgetting to turn the lights off when I leave a room, which can raise my numbers for carbon. Eating locally grown food helps decrease carbon emissions and supports less packaging and generally…

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