The Ecological Footprint Analysis ( Efa ) Essay

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The Ecological Footprint Analysis (EFA) is an awareness tool, which allows individuals, governments, and businesses to understand in a representative way, their ecological impact on Earth. The concept, developed in 1966, aims to represent all the natural resources that is consumed by human activity. Although EFA has its limitations, it is an effective method for a person or institution to determine its current footprint and then make appropriate decisions and actions towards it (Bunker, n.d., paras. 1-4).
My personal Ecofootprint
The purpose of this paper is to allow me to identify my personal sustainability value position, my beliefs, and my opinions towards sustainability. More importantly, it is for me to understand how my habits and life style is currently impacting the planet and which actions I can take to contribute more for a sustainable future.
According to Ecofootprint calculator, 2.8 planets would be needed to support my life style if everyone lived like me, as shown in the Figure 1. Figure 1 – My household Ecofootprint. Source:
Even though my result was slightly better than the average Ontario resident, it is still a shocking result. I expected that my ecological footprint were negatively significant, but I was surprised to realize it actually takes almost three Earths to support my living.
There are many possible changes that I can make, but I understand they will happen in…

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