The Eco Friendly Product Movement Essay

1066 Words Aug 25th, 2015 null Page
The eco-friendly product movement is a legitimate step toward bettering our planet and society both environmentally and economically. However, one of its major hindrances is that it is a movement inaccessible to poorer people. Eco-friendly, organic, and locally grown or produced things are significantly more expensive than “regular” products. The production of eco-friendly products is more expensive than that of regular products, naturally causing eco-friendly products to be sold at higher prices. The demand for eco-friendly products is also low enough that they are not produced in the high quantities that will cause prices to decrease. Being able to afford eco-friendly foods and products is a privilege currently reserved for those in a sound financial standing, as is the ability to boycott the most destructive producers that also happen to produce the most affordable necessities. A movement that is inaccessible to large, marginalized demographics is not a movement succeeding at its maximum potential. While efforts to encourage consumption of eco-friendly goods are steps toward getting civilians involved in environmental conservation, it is rarely addressed that large companies are responsible for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions and resource depletion. Introducing regulations on those companies has been widely suggested internationally, but it is often opposed by people and groups who believe that it’s an unnecessary regulation. In the article “Why Do Many…

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