Easter Island Short Story

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Easter Island is a wonder place full of magic and mystery. With deep blue seas and crisp green grass. With warm days and cool nights. About twenty miles from the south side shore stop a seventeen acr sheep farm. Now this was not any ordinary sheep farm, this was Nips sheep farm. With over two-hundred sheep and three herding dogs, Nip keep everything in order. Nip was a kind honest man who valued order and discipline. He had a schedule for everything. Wake up at six dawn every morning and stay on one continuous schedule till ten sindown. Now Nip is not like any other farmer, he runs his farm alone, just him and his sheep. He was born though normal human parents, that later died due to illness. It is just Nip his sheep and his three dogs. …show more content…
What matters is what crazy phone call Nip got that night. He was eating chicken pot pie when the phone rings. He leaves his plate to go answer it, not knowing what he is about to get himself into. He picks up the phone and before he could even let out a “hello.”
“CONGRATULATIONS, you have been rightfully selected to help the Easter bunny with Easter. Now, no question to be allowed. It is simple really, you go meet the Easter Bunny tomorrow at high noon and if you don't please him, will we will kill you and burn your farm.” Slam!!
Startled he runs out to the barn to see if BJ knows anything about what just happened. They both come to later find out that the Easter Bunny has fallen ill and with Easter only two weeks away Nip has to help save Easter. Nips goal; with BJ’s help journey to the Easter bunny's cave and deliver all easter eggs to the surface before easter morning. The easter bunny has sent a magic staff to help Nip on his journey.
The next morning Nip sets off with his trusty sheep and his staff. Some time later he arrives at the top of the rabbit hole and knocks three times. The hole opens with a wish.
“Hello there Nip nice to see you made it safe and sound.” Bunny said happily.
Startled by the actual sight of the bunny he replied,
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Nip returns home to make a plan how how he is going to get all two million eggs up though the secret holes. He comes up with a plan using his sheep. Nip will attach two baskets to each sheep, with each basket holding one hundred eggs. Hen each sheep will run there basket though the secret holes. Nip will use the staff to cast a speed spell to make all the sheep fast. Therefore they can get all the eggs up to the surface.
Today's the day, the day every child dreams of. Waking up and finding the perfect easter egg. Nip getts up extra early to attach the baskets to all of his sheep. Through some hard work all of the eggs go to the surface on time, but something strange happened. Instead of easter bunnies all of the kids saw easter sheep. The easter bunny was not disappointed or upset, he was simply knowing. He knew that this would happen. That's why he picked Nip, the easter bunny thought that easter needed someone who was good at keeping schedule and staying on

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