Essay about The East India Company 's India

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Both science and technology had a very profound role on the East India Company’s (EIC) rule over India, as well as added to the economy. Some background – with the EIC’s help, the British first took over areas in India starting with Bengal, located in northeast India today, and then moving down to the southern parts of India as well. They acquired some more territories in northern India after. Expansion to India eventually slowed down; however, once they stopped acquiring as much territory, they began to become much more involved in the lives of the residents of India at the time. The British started to establish the sub-continent by applying new technology with the ‘great surveys’, and applying science with the onset of steam power. Towards the end of the 1800’s, the British believed that they’d established the area and felt like they’d inserted (among Indians) the desire to be reformed. Without the presence of the East India Company, India would have struggled to develop. The English East India Company was able to add to the economy as well as govern India more effectively because of the establishment of the great surveys – trigonometric, geological, and botanical, and the bringing upon of technology such as steam-power. The beginning of science in India started with the establishment of the great surveys. We’ll start with the trigonometric survey. This was the largest and most extravagant process taken on by the British – the objective of it was for them to get a…

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