The East And West Are Alike Essay

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The East and West are alike and different in many ways. In the cartoon novel the Iranian artist seems to portray that the East and West have many similarities among them. She believes more in culturalistic resemblances between the Orient and Occident than the differences that puts them apart. This relationship shapes the narrative throught the text.It can be found in the beggining of the novel, the veil is one of the most prominent objects that represents the Iranian culture. The graphic illustrations used in this chapter showed the importance and impact of the veil at the time, it became part of a social values and showed political ideology present in Iran. In addition, it is seen that western culture is present when Marji takes possession of materials such as rock posters, Nike shoes, Michael Jackson Pins, etc. When Marji is stopped by the “guardians” of the revolution, it showed that western culture was influential. Seeing that there are cultural differences between the East and West, similarities also seem to be seen. In the article, it is mentioned that “In both worlds, kids grow up and rebel against their parents and society. They try to shape their own identities”(Naghibi/O’Malley, 235). It can be strongly agreed with Christopher Theokas that the only difference between us and the young in Iran is that “Rebellious behavior we take for granted could lead to jail time-if not worse” (Naghibi/O’Malley, 236). Satrapi uses her text to show her western audience that she and…

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