Essay on The Earth 's Ozone Layer

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By the end of the century close to thirteen million people will be forced to move from their current homes due to the fact that global warming is occurring. The earth’s ozone layer is important in all aspects of human life because it is able to absorb ultraviolet radiation, also known by many as UV rays. The sun produces UV rays and some are able the reach the earth’s surface, but a plethora amount of them are absorbed by the ozone layer which prevents the UV rays from reaching the earth’s surface. The ozone layer helps to protect living creatures on earth from the harm that UV rays cause. Without the ozone layer, life on earth’s surface would be almost impossible. The earth’s ozone is primarily composed of O3 gas which means that three oxygen molecules have binned together to create the ozone layer. The production of carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the main compounds that causes the ozone layer to be destroyed. CO2 is the primary cause for the depletion of the O3 gas that makes up the earth’s ozone layer. Humans are the major reason for the over emission of CO2 in countless, yet different ways. The human race produces CO2 in ways that one may not even realize, including driving a car. Every time that a car burns one gallon of gasoline it produces twenty pounds of CO2. Another way that CO2 is released into the atmosphere is by aircraft travel. Aircraft emissions are more harmful to the ozone layer because the CO2 is released at a higher altitude and is able to reach the…

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