The Earth 's Oceans And The Mysteries Essay examples

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The ocean covers more than seventy percent of the surface of our planet, and yet only five percent of this great mass has been explored. It is the livelihood of marine scientists to explore and learn about the Earth’s oceans and the mysteries they hold. One of the greatest scientific discoveries of the twentieth century is of deep-sea hydrothermal vents. It is these vents that continue the age-old questioning of where did life on earth originate?

Discovering the Vents:
In 1977, a team of scientists set out to a location northeast of the Galapagos Islands to photograph the floor of the mid-ocean ridge (. Never did they expect to make one of the greatest deep-sea discoveries in all of marine science. In February of that year, a remotely operated camera that was deployed from the team’s research vessel recorded a temperature spike in freezing cold waters. Initially dismissed as an anomaly, photograph and data analysis later revealed a change in the sea floor. Where the temperature spikes occurred, the ocean floor changed from a barren landscape to a thriving aggregation of marine life. Two days later, lead scientists Richard Von Herzen, Robert Ballard and Jack Corliss embarked on an eight thousand foot journey to the ocean floor in a submersible named Alvin. Upon their descent, these scientist encountered forty-six degree water, shimmering with minerals. At the seafloor, they found clams, mussels and other unidentified organisms settled around smoking vents.…

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