The Earth 's Climate Is Dynamic And Always Changing Through A Natural Cycle

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The earth 's climate is dynamic and always changing through a natural cycle. Although both natural causes and human activities causes the climate what the world is more worried about is that the changes that are occurring today have been speeded up because of man 's activities. A growing population has brought nationwide recognition to Los Angeles and the surrounding area, but it has also brought increasing environmental problems, including water shortages and pollution and air pollution. Also, the city is susceptible to variable precipitation because of its geographic location, which means there are unpredictable droughts, and the dense population contributes to storm water pollution of local bodies of water.
Ironically, environmental issues have not been taken seriously until recent years which the city faces lack of rainfall. As the results may governmental organization, including California Environmental Protection Agency have been founded. CalEPA’s budget have been increasing during the last ten years (CalEPA Home Page); however, the problem has not been solved. Consequently, the issue requires individual and collective actions which requires all residents to take responsibility to fight with this issue. The individual effort may be underestimated in solving the environmental issues since this broad and serious problem requires not only large investment but also many different organizations working together to deal with. However, people engagement can contribute…

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