The Earth 's Climate Change Essay

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The Earth’s climate has changed over the centuries, and is expected to continue to rise due to human activites. The burning of fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases that trap heat in the atmosphere, which creates a greenhouse effect and warms the climate. Since human population is increasing, more food is needed to sustain the large population. In return, agriculture adds to this effect because farms release methane. Trees and other plants are needed because they yet they take carbon dioxide in and release oxygen which is good for environment and if significant, can even help fight global warming. These plants are being cut down at an alarming rates also due to human activities. Although, the earth has always had warming trends, the current warming trend is more significant because it is occurring at an extraordinary rapid rate (Shaftel 2016). This environmental change is disturbing numerous plant and animal species behavior, distribution and health. Birds are among some of these animals that are being affected by climate change. Animals are able to adapt to climate change but how fast they adapt depends on their levels of phenotypic plasticity. In response to climate change, phenotypic plasticity in birds may require changing their behavior, diet, habitat, migration, and timing of breeding (Dunn and Wrinkler 2010). Fluctuations in climate change can have significant effects on avian populations by impacting their distribution and reproductive success.
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