Essay on The Earth We Living Is Warming Up

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“The earth we living is warming up.” People can hear this everywhere, every time when media talking about the extreme weather. Global warming became a hot point since a long time ago, normally people associates human activities with global warming, but also some people voice different opinions.
“Global average surface temperatures have increased by about one degree Fahrenheit since the beginning of the 20th century, and nine of the ten warmest years on record have occurred during the 21st century.”(Physicians For Social Responsibility). Global warming is a fact and it happens around us. To discuss this problem we need to take many factors into consideration. Global warming is not just because of human activities, but also have natural factors. Since Human is the most part of animal in this world and doing most of unnatural activities such as using coal energy, but this is not a huge effect to a big world. Human activate is mostly limited to the land part of the Earth.
Arise of mean sea level would be a serious problem to human live. Sea level rise can cause the saltwater intrudes into groundwater drinking supplies, people living near the sea will be hard to get fresh water and hard to live. Sea level rise can also effect contaminates irrigation supplies and overruns agricultural fields. Cities near the sea such as Los Angles and Shanghai have high risk of flooding if the sea level keep rising.
The population boomed since the end of the World War II, we can see developer…

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