Essay The Earth Of The Sky World

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In the beginning, the Earth was bare, devoid of any plants. The lands and oceans were untouched, sitting without a purpose. There were no humans or animals, everything was blank. Even the sky was empty: no sun, moon, or stars. The only scenery on Earth that could be seen were the clouds, which is where the Sky World could be found. Where human-like creatures inhabited this world. There were lush green trees and roses that always seemed to carry water droplets upon them. The beings who inhabited this world were grateful to live in a place with animals and plants, unlike the Earth. The Human-like creatures and wildlife only killed other animals when eating was necessary, they shared what they had. There was never a complaint about this, as this was their way of life.
In the Sky World, there were numerous beautiful couples with countless lovely children, while each couple started their families with both a male and a female. A man and woman running the household had always been ideal, because that was the only thing they knew. Until two young men were introduced, Kisecawchuck and Ulloriaq; each had exquisitely different names than the other Sky World beings. When they met, Ulloriaq was fetching some water for his family, the robust boy came to a sudden halt when he heard a yell for help. He ran towards the voice, where he found another lad of similar age trapped underneath a sitting elephant. It is still a mystery today as to how exactly he got trapped that way. Ulloriaq went…

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