The Earth Of The Sea Essay

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A shining metropolis carved from the finest of white marble, with pristine columns reaching towards the heavens and grandiose sculptures of alluring deities, guarding the city with devotion. A thousand brilliant tiles depict scenes of it’s illustrious history, while tiered fountains, scattered about the commons; although filled with water, no longer run. Years of neglect have allowed the elements to erode some of the intricate carvings decorating the façades. This city, once fit for a king, is no longer inhabited by humans, but by the creatures of the sea; oblivious to its legacy.

Atlantis was a mythical grecian city, a utopia that stood proud on an isolated isle in the middle of the Atlantic, which sunk to the bottom of the ocean after a godly quarrel. For thousands of years people have dreamed of living in a city at the bottom of the ocean; looking out windows to see sting rays instead of birds and coral instead of trees; to hear the symphonies of whales and dolphins instead of the harsh drone of city life. At humanity’s finest, cities arise from the desire to intertwine beauty and functionality.

Wave Goodbye to the Past The world’s history is filled with people who have tried to do the impossible, marine researchers and scientists have always been keen on inhabiting their area of research because it would mean an opportunity to get a closer look at their subjects. The SEALAB experiments, led by captain George F. Bond, were the first time anyone was given this…

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