The Earth Of Green And Grey Essay

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The Earth from Green to Grey

Something I think about often is what are we doing to stop pollution on this planet and is it enough. Most of the time my answer is that society is not doing enough to stop or prevent pollution. The next thing I think of is what are some of the factors causing pollution in our world. Some of the reason I believe the earth is so polluted is because we are a very wasteful society, we heavily depended on unclean energy, and lastly we are using products that are destroying our environment. I believe that if we stop wasting as much as we do now and, switch to renewable energy, and use products safe for the environment we could help clean up this dirty world we live in.

Something I know I 'm at fault for is being wasteful by ether buying that new gadget that just came out or buy letting food ruin in the refrigerator. In the article All That Litters Davenport said “The United States produces more trash than any other country - about 102 tons per person across a lifetime. Only about 2 percent of that trash is recycled, while the rest of it keeps piling up in landfills (Davenport).” The reason this is causing pollution in our world is because by being wasteful when you throw something out it goes to a landfill instead of being recycled and reused. Which are being forced to grow more and more each day due to waste and in end they are just taking up usable space here on earth because the landfills. If we would recycle and think about what we need and don…

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