The Earth Is A Part Of The Solar System Essay

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The Earth is a part of the solar system and it has been influenced by its elements since it was formed. The solar system was formed from a large nebular cloud. This nebular cloud began to spin producing energy due to the collision between particles. The composition of these colliding particles included metal-rich fragments such as iron meteorites, rocky fragments such as stony meteorites, and icy fragments such as comets. The solar nebula grew hotter and denser, forming a disk of gas and dust at its center. Thus, the particles of nebula dust started to stick together, forming masses that eventually formed planets and their satellites. As a result of this, the energy released by the collision between particles was converted into heat.
The process of accretion formed enormous amounts of heat. This internal heat from earth provides the energy for the planet. One of the process by which Earth makes heat is called impact energy. Tremendous numbers of smaller bodies hit the Earth early after its formation, converting energy of motion to heat. Another process by which Earth makes heat is called gravitational energy. As Earth pulled to smaller and denser mass, gravitational energy was released as heat. Heat from both of these early sources is still flowing to the surface today, as heat conducts very slowly through rock. An additional process by which Earth makes heat is called radioactive decay. This process involves the disintegration of natural radioactive elements (such Uranium)…

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